"...the youngest daughter of two Spanish emigrants to Germany dreamt of becoming a Storyteller.

Instead of doing that, she decided to study International Business and worked in Supply Chain and Logistics for over a decade. Still, she never forgot her dream, pursuing a path in the Arts and finally finding her inner and unique voice.

She travelled around the globe and worked in cities of the likes of Barcelona and Milan, finally finding her home in vibrant and chaotic London.

In the meantime, this curious and intrepid woman continued to broaden her horizons, studying wildly differing subjects, such as Cinematography and Forensic Science; she produced theatre plays, directed her own web series and hasn´t stopped learning since her journey began.

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Actress, Writer,  Filmmaker.

Hi! ​This is Jess, ( only Jessica when my parents are upset with me) - storyteller, nomad, facilitator, life-long learner, and I’m happy you’re here.

My expertise comes from working for over 10 years in start-ups and leading multinationals,  but also from acting, writing and producing threatre and films. 

I know what it’s like leading meetings and speaking in public, negotiating, pitching ideas, looking for investors, finding and getting a new job , managing a team, doing all this in English, my second language.

I’m using my lived experiences, business knowledge, research, and training background to share the tools I personally used to get to a healthier mindset and finding my confidence in this competitive market.

I believe that every individual has a unique personality and voice to tell "stories" they just need help finding their own and accepting the sound of it.

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I was born in Germany but I can´t speak German. 

I do speak Galician, Spanish, English and Italian though.

I also have a basic knowledge of French, Portuguese and Catalan.

Myers Briggs

"ENFP - The Champion".


People-centered creators with a focus on possibilities and a contagious enthusiasm for new ideas. They love to help other people explore their creative potential.


My favourite genres are thriller and horror.

I have loved horror since I was a child, the first movie I can remember watching was "The Night of the Living Dead"!


When I was 20 I got a scholarship to study English abroad. I decided to go to San Francisco, it was my first solo travel, never been that far before.


That trip changed my life and  I haven´t stopped travelling since then. (Except for now, but now doesn´t count, does it?)