SCREEN 3: "pitch perfect"

( Sessions can be in English, Italian or Spanish according to your needs)

Public Persona

Are you ready to present your best self whether you´re in a job interview or a networking event?

What are "Pitching techniques" useful for? 

1. Attempting to secure financing for your business (accelarator or incubator programs).

2. Readiness when meeting potential investors in an elevator ("elevator pitch"principle).

3. Is also a key component in any networking event and job interview.

what you´ll gain

  • Save years of guessing and frustration.

  • Self Awareness in order deal with our inner critic and power through self-doubt or fear.

  • Precision and understanding of your communication style.

  • A customized toolbox with all the elements you need to gain confidence, structure and a clearer speech.

what´s included

  • 4x, 6x or 10x 1 hour-long private coaching calls (via video conference) depending on your specific needs. 

  • Pre call worksheet so we can track your progress.

  • Post call worksheet so we know what comes next.

  • Personalised exercises to complete after each 1:1 coaching session so that you can quickly evolve.

  • My expertise, focus, energy and constant support.


  • Unlimited access to me Monday to Friday via emails so you get full support for the length of our work together. Your success is my success!

what we´ll cover

  • Job Interviews mock-ups

  • What 's Pitching? 

  • What makes a successful pitch?

  • What´s the Elevator Pitch Technique? 

  • You as the Pitcher: Strengths and Improvements. 

  • Stress Management and Confidence

  • Acting applied to Business ( How to use your Voice and Physicality)

  • Pronunciation

  • Memorization Techniques

  • Feedback Sessions