( Sessions can be in English, Italian or Spanish according to your needs)

Is speaking in front of a camera stopping you from recording a video to promote your business? Do you feel less confident when presenting via Zoom or Teams?

1. Yes, I hate seeing myself on camera, my voice is awful, my tics...

2. Yes, when people have their cameras off I start overthinking.

3. Yes, I get overwhelmed by all the technical aspects.

Is this you?

You don´t have to become a screen actor, but there are few useful tips we can work on together so you become as confident on screen as you are face to face.

During our sessions you´ll learn:

  • How to build your confidence and presence.

  • How to improve your self-awareness and understanding of what good communication entails.

  • Camera Techniques to improve your motivation,  be an engaging speaker and use the camera as a friendly tool.

  • How to develop a full public persona.

virtual presentations.jpeg


  • 4x, 6x or 8x 1 hour-long private coaching calls (via video conference) depending on your specific needs. 

  • Available as training for Business.

  • Pre call and post call worksheet so we can track your progress.

  • Personalised exercises to complete after each 1:1 coaching session so that you can quickly evolve.

  • Examples, Case studies and other materials.

  • My expertise, focus, energy and constant support. 


  • Professionals or entrepeneurs who struggle with virtual presentations for external and internal clients.

  • People who need to lead virtual meetings/trainings but don´t feel confident with it.

  • People who need to record videos and speak to camera for business purposes but feel intimidated and lost with it


"Jessica´s sessions are very concise, efficient, and different each day. She is very relatable and enthusiastic. Makes you feel safe to make mistakes and makes learning more of a game."

Beatriz Arregui

Technical Support Analyst, Cornerstone on Demand