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( Sessions can be in English, Italian or Spanish according to your needs)

Are you ready to become a confident speaker?

Public speaking is as simple as giving a speech face-to-face or to a live audience. We can view this as any form of speaking (both formal and informal) between a speaker and their audience. Great news is, you already know how to do this! 

"Yes, but I get so nervous every time I have to speak in front of others. 

I doubt myself. I forget what I´m going to say. I fear people won´t understand me. I hate the sound of my own voice. I think they´re judging me or not interested in what I´m saying."

Does this sound like you?

During our sessions you´ll learn:

  • How to communicate your expertise to others effectively.

  • How to demonstrate your value and your knowledge.

  • How to engage and captivate your audience.

  • Focus Techniques to deal with your inner critic and power through self-doubt and nerves.

  • How to use your body and voice as tools.

  • Precision and understanding of what makes a good speaker.

  • A customized toolbox with all the elements you need to gain confidence, structure and a clearer presentation style.


  • 4x, 6x or 8x 1 hour-long private coaching calls (via video conference) depending on your specific needs.

  • Available as training for Business. 

  • Pre call and post call worksheet so we can track your progress.

  • Personalised exercises to complete after each 1:1 coaching session so that you can quickly evolve.

  • Examples, Case studies and other materials.
  • My expertise, focus, energy and constant support. 


  • People who struggle with presenting in front of an audience.

  • People who struggle with "stage fright".

  • People who want to raise their profile.

  • People who need to increase their confidence and influencial skills to lead others.

  • People who want to become better facilitators.


"Jessica was my Business Coach. My previous experiences had been disappointing.  Jessica knows how to listen and she´s an interesting person herself. She always brings something new to the table. Patient and full of energy, she also has a great sense of humour, which helped me to enjoy the sessions more."

Enrique Bordería

Business Development Director, VEOLIA