Digital speaker/camera techniques

( Course available in English or Spanish)

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Is speaking in front of a camera stopping you from recording a video to promote your business? Do you feel less confident when presenting via Zoom or Teams?

1. Yes, I hate seeing myself on camera, my voice is awful, my tics...

2. Yes, when people have their cameras off I start overthinking.

3. Yes, I get overwhelmed by all the technical aspects.

Is this you?

You don´t have to become a screen actor, but there are few useful tips at what we can look together so you become as confident on screen as you are face to face.


Any professional or entrepeneur whose work requires them to make virtual presentations for external and internal clients. Those who need to lead virtual meetings/trainings or record videos for business purposes.

An evidence based-weekly group focused on improving your virtual communication skills.


  • Improved confidence and presence.

  • Improved self-awareness and understanding of what good communication entails.

  • Improved motivation, engagement, goal-setting and achievement

  • Developed a full public persona.

course modules

  • WEEK 1: Skills assesment and Practical demonstration.

  • WEEK 2: What makes a good virtual communicator? Physical Features and Linguistic Features.

  • WEEK 3: Camera Technique applied to business.

  • WEEK 4: Voice technique exercises and body language. 

  • WEEK 6: Presentation Technique and Practical demonstration.

  • WEEK 7: Feedback Sessions.

other details

  • 7 x 1hr online workshops with Jess González.

  • Workshop can be on Tuesday or Thursday evening ( depending on demand).

  • Weekly activities to complete for your personal development.

  • Private Facebook group to network and ask questions.

  • Group number limited to 6 people per group.