storytelling and influencing peoplE

( Course available in English or Spanish )


An ambitious vision for the future of your organisation isn’t enough. How do you communicate this vision to get your colleagues on board?


The ability to effectively communicate and persuade others is a key leadership skill. 


Via structured learning activities (video lectures, discussion prompts and more) this course will develop your capacity to communicate appropriately in different contexts, making you a highly influential leader.ader.


It is ideal for any anyone who is interested in learning more about the art of storytelling and influencing.

An evidence based-weekly group focused on improving your presentation and communication skills.


  • Improved confidence and presence.

  • Improved self-awareness and understanding of what good communication entails.

  • Improved motivation, engagement, goal-setting and achievement

  • Developed a full public persona.

course modules

  • WEEK 1: The necessary art of persuasion: Understanding what matters to your audience.

  • WEEK 2: Telling your story: Developing a dramatic narrative.

  • WEEK 3: Connecting with people: Developing authenticity and building rapport.

  • WEEK 4: Talk the talk: Creating impressions and guiding influential conversations.

  • WEEK 5: Painful truth: Dealing with objections and overcoming resistance. 

  • WEEK 6: Building Your Base of Power.

  • WEEK 7: Influencing People Without Relying on Formal Authority.

  • WEEK 8: Developing High‐Quality Relationships to Enhance Influence and Power.

  • WEEK 9: Protect Yourself from Unwanted Influence.

  • WEEK 10: Feedback Sessions.

other details

  • 10 x 1.5 h online workshops with Jess González.

  • Workshop can be on Monday eve or Saturday afternoon ( depending on demand).

  • Weekly activities to complete for your personal development.

  • Private Facebook group to network and ask questions.

  • Group number limited to 6 people per group.